See these top 5 mistakes that can prevent your home from selling for the best possible price!


Above Market Pricing 

Don't ask your Realtor to set your home price high with the plan to negotiate down.  Overpricing a home by as little as 3% above the competition can cause buyers to pass on making an offer.  I did a small study of our market and found that homes that are overpriced stay on the market at least 45 days longer and ultimately net 5-9% less than homes marketed for sale at the same time. Be sure to get a detailed comparative market analysis (CMA) from your Realtor. A good CMA will include a low, middle, and high price range and your Realtor should be able to tell you where your home falls in that range.

Failure to Address Property Condition Issues

It's hard to tell a seller that their decor is dated, the paint colors are horrible, the yard is overgrown, or worse, that the house is filthy.  But an updated, clean and well-maintained home is what buyers want!  We provide experienced guidance on how to address the issues that concern most buyers so your home will shine above the rest.

Bad Online Property Photos OR None at All

Over 90% of buyers start their home search online and an appealing presentation are a must. Photos are what draw the buyer in and excite their interest in the home.  Often buyers will pass up great homes because they can'tt tell enough about them from the pictures. We post virtual tours, video and provide professional quality photos to help potential buyers understand the features of your home before they walk through the door.

Not Enough Marketing Exposure

Today's market requires an intensive multi-pronged approach to get a home sold, so we use a wide array of media to promote your home to potential buyers.  Things like Just Listed postcards, a personalized property website, Youtube video, and networking with other agents are just a few ways to promote your property and set it apart from the competition.
Inaccurate or Missing Property Information

Buyers typically have specific criteria for their new home that goes beyond price, square footage, and number of bedrooms. Our MLS system allows Realtors to filter search results based on schools, room sizes, lot features, and neighborhood amenities just to name a few. If this information is missing or wrong you risk losing a buyer...and the worst part is that you'll likely never know it!  We provide detailed, accurate property information and cross-check it all with you. If we don't know, we'll find out before a potential buyer ever slips away!  

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